YoYo Endurance Performance Test

NAKOA sport performance coach Ryan Gallop loves to utilize the yoyo performance test to measure cardiovascular endurance. Check out his introduction of the drill and how it can help your endurance athletes.

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Ryan Gallop

East Coast transplant, ex-rugby player, and avid surfer, Coach Ryan Gallop has always been passionate about sports and has been immersed in them since his youth. It has been a natural transition for him into coaching and he has discovered that his true passion lies in developing the untapped potential of athletes. This has led him to pour his heart into our Sports Performance Program earning him the well-deserved role as Performance Director at NAKOA. He brings a higher level of understanding, not only to what an athlete may need physically, but also mentally to succeed. Ryan’s passion, motivation, and drive provide an infectious positive energy that everybody feels throughout the gym and helps to unite us all as a team.