We are NAKOA Performance

We are a collaborative team of elite fitness coaches, personal trainers, sports performance coaches and physical therapists who specialize in active lifestyle fitness, performance training, injury prevention, personal training and physical therapy.

We provide speed and agility training in Carlsbad as well as sport specific programming to take your athlete to the next level. We create customized programs to fit each and every individual and their specific needs and goals. Our clientele includes professional athletes looking to rise above the competition, rehab patients looking to get back to pain-free living, youth athletes looking to take their game to the next level, and everyday warriors looking to lose weight, live fit, and feel good.

Wherever you are and whatever your goals, we’ll meet you there and help you transform your life so that you can experience what it’s like to love living fit. Your premier gym in Carlsbad!

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Bianca Waiton

Radiating happiness and love, Coach Bianca embodies the heart and soul of NAKOA. A Kauai girl with an insurmountable amount of energy, she always finds a way to make people laugh and enjoy themselves while being subjected to her brutal, sweat-drenching workouts. Her ability to instantly make people feel welcome and part of a team is what strengthens the tight-knit NAKOA community on a daily basis. Her athleticism, passion, and love for living life to the fullest translate into a never-ending stream of motivation and inspiration for everyone around her to feed off of.