Sit at a desk all day? Do these stretches!

Maintain proper posture while sitting. If you sit at a desk all day you know very well the hip and back stiffness and poor posture that comes as a result. With a little bit of work using these exercises, you can relieve that stiffness and maintain, or regain that perfect posture!

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Bianca Waiton

Radiating happiness and love, Coach Bianca embodies the heart and soul of NAKOA. A Kauai girl with an insurmountable amount of energy, she always finds a way to make people laugh and enjoy themselves while being subjected to her brutal, sweat-drenching workouts. Her ability to instantly make people feel welcome and part of a team is what strengthens the tight-knit NAKOA community on a daily basis. Her athleticism, passion, and love for living life to the fullest translate into a never-ending stream of motivation and inspiration for everyone around her to feed off of.